Occupational safety

Despite extensive precautionary measures, occupational accidents cannot be completely eliminated even at OFS. For this reason and with the objective of systematically reducing the associated risks, OFS decided to incorporate the theme «Occupational Safety and Health Protection» (AS-GS) in its integrated management system.

The new «ISO 45001 – Occupational Safety and Health Protection» standard was issued in May 2018. OFS obtained certification three months after its publication. The results are a modern system for the continuous reduction of occupational accidents and specific action to preserve and expand health protection – also outside of working hours and Orell Füssli Security Printing premises.

As with all management systems, the «Occupational Safety and Health Protection» (AS-GS) topic is being continuously further developed and adapted to changing requirements. Personnel are closely integrated in the process through risk assessment and the definition of action to be taken.