3.28 Goodwill from acquisitions

The goodwill arising from acquisitions is offset against the group shareholders’ equity as of the date of acquisition. A theoretical capitalisation of the goodwill would have the following impact on the annual financial statements:

Theoretical statement of goodwill

in CHF thousand   2020   2019
Cost at 1 January   121  
Inflow due to change in the scope of consolidation   3,352   121
Cost at 31 December   3,473   121
Accumulated amortisation at 1 January   –22  
Depreciation and impairment   –527   –22
Accumulated amortisation at 31 December   –549   –22
Theoretical net book value at 1 January   99  
Theoretical net book value at 31 December   2,924   99

A theoretical straight-line amortisation period of five years is applied.

Following the amortisation of the full theoretical amount, goodwill will no longer be listed in a theoretical statement. Retained earnings include CHF 27,932,000 (2019: CHF 27,932,000) of fully amortised theoretical goodwill.

Theoretical impact on net income for the period

in CHF thousand   2020   2019
Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) according to consolidated income statement   14,379   18,165
Goodwill amortisation   –527   –22
Theoretical earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) including goodwill amortisation   13,852   18,143
Net income for the period after minority interests   12,945   8,479
Goodwill amortisation   –527   –22
Net income for the period after minority interests including goodwill amortisation   12,418   8,457

Theoretical impact on shareholders’ equity

in CHF thousand at 31 December   2020   2019
Equity before minority interests according to the consolidated balance sheet   135,500   138,208
Theoretical capitalisation of goodwill (net book value)   2,924   99
Theoretical equity before minority interests including goodwill (net book value)   138,424   138,307