3.10 Cash and cash equivalents

Available liquidity as of the balance sheet date was as follows:

Liquidity reserves and credit facilities

in CHF thousand   Notes   31.12.2020   31.12.2019
Cash in bank accounts and in hand       76,998   102,738
Prepayments PoC / from customers   3.20    –25,682   –39,187
Other financial assets / liabilities   3.13 / 3.22    –2,400   –1,635
Cash and cash equivalents net       48,916   61,916
Thereof assigned to other shareholders       12,945   12,469
Disposable cash and cash equivalents       35,971   49,447
Available lines of credit       70,448   66,011
./. Secured guarantees by banks (without prepayment guarantees)       –2,210   –6,091
./. Lines of credit used       –250  
Total disposable cash and cash equivalents and unused lines of credit       103,959   109,367

As well as the committed credit facilities in local currencies, sufficient funds should be available to conduct ordinary business activities in the future.

If additional liquidity is required for significant investments in non-current assets and expenditure on future acquisitions, an adjustment of the credit facilities may be considered. However, a mortgage could also be taken out on the unencumbered property at Dietzingerstrasse in Zurich.