5. Shareholders' participation rights

In relation to the company, only those persons entered in the share register shall be recognised as shareholders. Registration in the share register requires proof of beneficial ownership of the shares to be registered. The conditions are set out in the regulations of the Board of Directors on the Rules Entry of Registered Shares & Guidance Share Register, which, like the Articles of Association of the Company, are available online.

In order to be able to participate in the Annual General Meeting, each shareholder must prove his shareholding at the offices designated by the Board of Directors no later than five days before the date of the meeting. He or she shall, however, receive an admission card in his name. In deviation from the law (art. 689 para. 2 CO), the Articles of Association provide that a shareholder can only be represented at the Annual General Meeting by another shareholder and therefore not by any third party. Only directors and authorised signatories of companies registered in the commercial register are exempt from this provision. Shareholders representing at least 1% of the share capital may request that an item be included on the agenda.

Shareholders may participate in votes and elections at the Annual General Meeting by appointing or instructing the independent proxy; proxies and instructions to the independent proxy may also be issued electronically. The independent proxy is elected by the Annual General Meeting for a term of office of one year.