2. Capital structure


The share capital of Orell Füssli Ltd consists of 1,960,000 registered shares with a par value of CHF 1.00 each and is fully paid-in. Ownership of one share entitles the holder to one vote. Orell Füssli Ltd has not issued any profit-sharing certificates or participation certificates.

As at 31 December 2020, Orell Füssli Ltd has neither conditional nor authorised capital and neither convertible bonds nor options are outstanding.

Changes in capital

The share capital of Orell Füssli Ltd remained unchanged in the year under review and in the two preceding years.

Own shares

In the context of the share participation plan for members of the Executive Board, Orell Füssli Ltd did not purchase any of its own shares in the year under review and issued 165 shares.

Limitation of transferability

The Articles of Association of Orell Füssli Ltd do not contain any restrictions on the transfer of shares. Only shareholders who fulfil point 3 in the Rules Entry of Registered Shares & Guidance Share Register are registered with voting rights.