Net sales at Orell Füssli Publishing in 2020 were 4% higher than in the previous year. While sales of legal media, educational media and children’s books were in line with the previous year, an increase was recorded in non-fiction books thanks to bestsellers in the spring programme. As part of the development of the publishing houses, a comprehensive transformation programme was implemented during the year and completed on schedule by the end of the year. The main elements were the optimisation of the publishing organisation, the discontinuation of the non-fiction and the OF Kinderbuch brand and the sale of Atlantis Verlag to Kampa Verlag AG. Thanks to the good sales development and the implemented measures, the publishing businesses were able to report a positive EBIT again since a long time. For 2021, the focus is on the strategic and digital further development of the publishing programme with a focus on education.


Among the numerous children’s book novelties, the sales figures of “Globi auf der Alp” and “Globi im Spital” stood out. In non-fiction, the publications “Imperium USA”, “Darwin beats Kant” and “Mark Streit” were very well received. In the educational media programme, “Fundamentum Mathematik und Physik” and “Formeln Tabellen Begriffe” were particularly popular. Among the legal media, the publication “ZGB/OR, Kaufmännische Ausgabe” stood out. Despite the restrictions due to Corona, it was possible to publish on time and in full as planned.