2.3 Balance sheet

Total assets decreased by CHF 5.8 million or 2.6% compared with the end of 2018. Total current assets changed by CHF -2.6 million overall. Cash and cash equivalents decreased by CHF 5.4 million, mainly due to the payment of the anniversary dividends. The ‘Other receivables’ line item, which includes services valued using the percentage-of-completion method of CHF 12.6 million (31.12. 2018: CHF 8.9 million), again showed a slight increase in value as at the reporting date. There was a net decrease in non-current assets of CHF 3.3 million, mainly because of higher depreciation and impairments (CHF 5.7 million) compared with investments (CHF 2.2 million). The total value of assets using the percentage-of-completion method compares with the prepayments by customers on the liabilities side, recorded under ‘Other short-term liabilities’, amounting to CHF 44.7 million (31.12. 2018: CHF 37.7 million).

Equity decreased by CHF 6.2 million. This change is mainly due to the payment of dividends to the shareholders of Orell Füssli Holding Ltd in the amount of CHF 11.8 million.

Available liquidity as at the balance sheet date was as follows:

liquidity reserves and credit facilities

in CHF thousand   30.06.2019   31.12.2018
Cash and cash equivalents   94,551   99,994
Prepayments PoC / from customers   –44,748   –37,741
Other financial assets / liabilities   –1,635   –1,635
Cash and cash equivalents net   48,168   60,618
Thereof assigned to other shareholders   4,475   8,562
Disposable cash and cash equivalents   43,693   52,056
Available lines of credit   66,622   66,825
./. Secured guarantees by banks (without prepayment guarantees)   –1,153   –1,018
./. Lines of credit used    
Total disposable cash and cash equivalents and unused lines of credit   109,162   117,863