2.25 Share capital

Ordinary shares are classified as part of the shareholders’ equity. Transactions with minority interests are treated as transactions with own shares. Therefore, payments for purchases of minority interests as well as any consideration received from the sales of minority interests are recorded in equity. Any differences between the consideration received/paid and the minority interests as presented in the balance sheet are recorded in equity.

Purchases of own shares are deducted from equity. The sale or purchase of own shares is not recognised in the income statement. If resold at a later date, any increase or decrease in value is recorded as an addition or a reduction to the capital reserves.

The earnings per share is calculated on the basis of the portion of the group’s results allocated to Orell Füssli Holding Ltd’s shareholders, divided by the weighted average number of outstanding shares during the reporting period. The diluted earnings per share includes all of the shares that could be issued as part of the equity participation plan.